Armytek Prime C2 Pro v3 XP-L (Warm) Silver (1116.0 lumens)

Accidental Switch On Protection True
Battery Voltage Indicator True
High Temperature Indicator True
Low Battery Indicator True
Low Light Mode True
Mode Memorization True
Momentary Activation True
Multicolor Indicator True
Number Modes 11.0
Switch Location : Side
Type : Electronic
Bezel Material Stainless steel with ultrahard titanium coating
Body Finish Premium type III hard anodizing 400HV
Body Material Aircraft-grade aluminium
Color Mat Black
Surface Antislipping True
Thread Lubrication True
Trapezoidal Threads True
Crenellated Impact Bezel True
Double Orings True
Electronics Protection True
Impact Resistance 10.0 m
Over Discharge Protection True
Reverse Polarity Protection True
Water Resistance IP68
Water Resistance Depth No data
Outdoor and Camping
Hotspot 20.0 degrees
Hotspot Diameter 5M No data
Hotspot Diameter 100M 35.0 m
Max Output 1116.0 lumens
Max Output Otf 977.0 lumens
Max Runtime 2400.0 hours
Min Output 0.3 lumens
Min Runtime 0.33 hours
Optics TIR-optics
Peak Beam Intensity No data
Source CREE XP-L
Spill 80.0 degrees
Throw Distance 169.0 m
Bezel Diameter 24.5 mm
Body Diameter 24.5 mm
Length 124.0 mm
Weight 68.0 g
Candle Tailstanding True
Electronics Heat Transmission True
Flat Battery Contact Functions True
Led Heat Transmission True
Operating Temperature -25..+40 °C
Removeable Clip True
Thermal-Management True
Battery 18350 x 2 ( Li-Ion )
18650 x 1 ( Li-Ion )
CR123A x 2 ( Li-Ion )
R123 x 2 ( Li-Ion )